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Kevin is a Pastor, Criminologist, Activist, Lived Experience Youth Practitioner and Consultant

Kevin has had the privilege of working and collaborating with various organizations, an experience that has established him as one of London’s most notable youth practitioners.

Following the release of his book, Kevin has been invited to several news and television outlets. Including Russia Today, The BBC, London Live, RTNC (National Congolese Television) and Synaps (National Dutch Television). He has also been invited and had the opportunity to meet with the London Mayor Sadiq Khan and Former Shadow Home Secretary Dianne Abbott.

Kevin serves as a dedicated Pastor at Shepherd’s Voice Ministry in Luton, where he leads a vibrant youth ministry. Known for his inspiring preaching, Kevin is frequently invited to speak at various churches, sharing his passion for faith and community. He graciously offers his services without a fee, asking only that his transport expenses be covered. Kevin’s commitment to spreading hope and encouragement is evident in his open invitation to engage with congregations far and wide.

representation matters

Young Black Males Have Potential

Top selling book

In 2017, Kevin released his first book “Young Black Males Have Potential” which amassed significant attention and has been featured on several reputable news outlets and TV shows. Including Russia Today, The BBC, London Live, Congolese National TV RTNC and Dutch National TV Synaps.

Young Black Males Have Potential Highlights some of the struggles minorities face growing up. It challenges the misconception that young black males are inadequate, challenges the current stereotypes and advice’s minorities to achieve what seems to be unachievable. Talks about the reprogramming of mind motivates and provides solutions.


2ND Top selling book

Who am I, where am I from and why am I here is a self-help/memoir.

In this book the author discusses some of the issues he had to face growing up. These issues include peer pressure, gangsterism, inadequacy, rejection and adversity. The book also highlights the elements that helped him overcome adversity. This piece sparks a conversation with the reader, posing them with rhetorical questions and covering a variety of topics including societal statistics, biblical references and an insight into the author’s life alongside some insightful quotes to engage the reader.Born in the nothern surburbs of Paris in a small town called Sarcelles, Kevin grew up surrounded by violence. This past to present account will take the reader on a journey of change and self reflection. Probing the reader to reflect on their own similar experiences despite the differences in context.

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